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Top 10 Worst Things to Put Down Your Drain

If you read last month’s Halloween blog you’ll probably still be having nightmares about the scariest things found blocking drains, so this time we thought we’d list the Top 10 worst things to put down your drain.

We’re all about prevention rather than cure here at Drain Doctor and love doing what we can to help save you pennies and headaches, so here are 3 top tips to keep your drains tip-top!

Top Tips for Clearing Your Drains

  1. Use a hair catcher in your bath/shower (really cheap and easy to install).
  2. Use a basket/strainer in your kitchen sink for food scraps.
  3. Get into the habit of giving your drains a monthly treat. Feed them one cup of white vinegar or bicarbonate of soda (or half a cup of both), cover the drain and wash it down 30 minutes later with a jug of boiling water.

Simple yet very effective. Here’s a video demo…

So here are some things you should never inflict upon your old pal the drain; some wreak havoc on your pipes, others the environment and living organisms, so all are best avoided…

  1. Grease, fat and cooking oils – including gravy, sauces and dairy products.
  2. Food scraps – including egg shells and coffee grounds. These should really be composted – plants love ‘em!
  3. Produce stickers and cardboard/plastic packaging.
  4. Nappies, baby wipes, paper towels, cotton balls and scrub pads.
  5. Nail polish and remover.
  6. Feminine hygiene products.
  7. Condoms (not to mention filters from the post-coital cigarette).
  8. Cat litter – some brands claim to be flushable, but they’re really not.
  9. Anything from the shed or garage – including cleaning rags, motor oil, grease, brake and transmission fluid, weed killer and other toxic chemicals, paint, solvents, and corrosive, flammable or explosive substances.
  10. Medication – ironically, mixing it into the water supply probably won’t make us all super-fit and healthy.

An honourable mention goes to small toys, mobile phones and car keys. Isn’t it just adorable when your toddler helps clear up by flushing away everything in sight?

Most of the above can be processed at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre, so spare your poor drain, and your wallet, by disposing of it correctly.

Grease is the Word

When it comes to blockages the worst offender by far is grease, which attracts small particles, solidifies and clogs your drain, so bag it or box it and throw it in the bin.

Already beyond the prevention stage and in desperate need of a cure? Get in touch today and the Drain Doctor will see you shortly!

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