CCTV Footage – Fat in the Drain

Did you know that fat, oil and grease poured down the sink contributes to 75% of all drain and sewer blockages and that more than 30,000 homes are flooded in the UK each year as a result.

While drain cleaners might clear out your pipes in your home, the grease can still get washed into the sewers creating further problems down the line.  It is really important to try and prevent fat in the drain. The best thing to do for smaller amounts of fat, oil or grease is to let it solidify and then dispose of it in the bin you can wipe away the excess with paper towel.

If however you accidently pour fat in the drain, wash it out using boiling water and a mixture of vinegar and baking soda as this will help to push it out of the pipes.

The video below shows the common problem with fat in the drains. The blogs of fatty compound (shown in white) can become extremely large and cause huge problems.

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