CCTV Footage – Fat in the Drain

Did you know that fat, oil and grease poured down the sink contributes to 75% of all drain and sewer blockages and that more than 30,000 homes are flooded in the UK each year as a result. While drain cleaners might clear out your pipes in your home, the grease can still get washed into…

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CCTV Footage – Collapsed Drain

Collapsed drains are often found in older constructions but can also be a headache for the more modern and contemporary homes. Of course with any home there will be pipes and draining systems that have been there for a number of years.  General wear and tear is not uncommon. This is a problem often found…

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CCTV Footage – Pitch Fibre Warping

Pipes made from pitch-fibre were often used in the 1950s and 60s. They are known to have a much shorter life span than pipes made from clay or heavy-duty plastic. Although this form of piping is quite out-dated there are still many miles of pitch fibre pipe work systems in operation. As you would expect…

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CCTV Footage – Root Damage

Often one of the main problems experienced during the summer months especially, is the prolific growth of roots, trees, bushes and shrubs. These can grow into the drain where they receive water and nutrition making them grow even faster. If you experience a drain blockage it is important to ensure the drain is inspected with…

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