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A treatment plant is essentially the next step up from a single septic tank. Treatment plants are able to service multiple properties, providing long-term solutions to a large number of drainage disposal problems, particularly in areas where access to mains drainage is impossible, or indeed if a septic tank will not meet requirements.

The amount of material which is to be processed will decide the type of plant that needs to be installed. There are one stage plants, that are suitable for a single home, requiring little to no electricity and using coco fibre to filter the waste. There are other systems more suited to singular homes, which only use around 10 pence of electricity a day, and operating fault free for years with zero footprint.

For larger requirements such as caravan parks or golf clubs, there are systems which can manage up to 250 people and generally only require emptying once every 18 months, which little maintenance in between.

Sewage treatment plants use natural biological aerobic action to treat sewage, retaining and pumping out solids periodically. Water is made 97% pure and can be discharged into watercourses or ditches based on permissions and licenses being acquired.

Drain Doctor will carry out a site investigation, recommending an appropriate system based on your specific requirements, and supply and install based on your needs.

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