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Normally kept underground, a soakaway is an area outside a property that helps to remove and successfully dispose of surface water runoff or any purified septic tank effluent. In order to do this, the soakaway will allow the excess water to drain into the soil, meaning pipeworks and tanks do not need to be installed to help collect it.

The nature and size of a soakaway is dependent upon a number of factors which includes the porosity of the soil, and how easily the water drains through the soil, as well as the size of the dwelling.

Simple soakaways consist of large gravel-filled pits that are at least 5 metres away from the foundations of the building that it relates to. Soakaways that need to cope with larger volumes of water are generally reinforced with concrete chambers and perforated on the lower sides and at the bottom, letting the water soaking away into the surrounding soil.

A more modern solution is the installation of Aquacell crates which help with the disposal of rain and surface water. Drain Doctor’s highly trained technicians have the skills and experience in designing and installing new soakaways for commercial and domestic customers. We work through the entire process from the initial survey to the final installation. For more information, get in contact.

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