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The majority of sewage in the UK passes into the drains, before being processed in central treatment plants. In order to store and remove the sewage in bulk, it is often required to possess an underground septic tank.

Septic tanks use bacteria to break down any solids, this process is known as anaerobic decomposition. Whilst the solid is removed, semi-purified water will pass into a soakaway, to help it disperse safely into the surrounding soil.

At Drain Doctor we provide a number of septic tank services, including high pressure jetting, to remove clogging in pipes, tanks and soakaways. We also carry out repairs to existing septic tanks whilst installing new septic tank systems. We’ll use CCTV drain camera surveys to determine faults and create solutions.

With such extensive services available, Drain Doctor should always be your first port of call for septic tank related issues.

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