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The increase of individual consumption, alongside population growth and of course, changes to rainfall patterns have meant that extra stress has been placed upon the water supplies in the UK. It is possible the areas of North Africa now receive more rainfall per head than areas of the UK, in a direct comparison.

Mains water consumption has to be reduced wherever possible, due to new government policies This means that new uses have to be found for harvested rainwater, in order to meet the needs of flushing toilets and the washing of clothes as well as outside taps.

As a result, the design of the water butt has been updated by the building industry. Now a modern and highly reliable system that automatically stores, cleans and provides aesthetically pleasing (but not “wholesome”) water as required, it collects water that falls on the roofs of buildings and on open areas. Following this it can store and distribute purified rain water to all non-potable applications within the building. Water need never be close to depletion as the supply is maintained by automatically maintained by switching to the mains as required.

Rainwater harvesting systems can help you save up to 50% of your metered water costs, which is a big saving for any business or household.

To make the most of Drain Doctor’s rainwater harvesting systems, speak to Drain Doctor today and begin saving yourself the money that you need.

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