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One of the best methods of disposing of sewage or refuse is the traditional method of installing cesspits or cesspools within your home or place of work. A cesspit generally consists of a deep cylindrical chamber dug into the earth, approximately 1 metre in diameter and 2-3 metres deep. Modern cesspits are more highly engineered, meaning that there is little to no chance that any of the most foul material will escape and cause pollution.

Cesspits generally need emptying more than septic tanks as they do not process the waste in the same way. Sometimes a cesspit is the only solution to drainage problems, and often older pits will be allowed to run to the end of their useful life before being replaced with modern septic tank systems.

At Drain Doctor, we are able to empty cesspits for you either on an adhoc or planned basis, scheduled to suit your specific needs. Cesspit pipes are prone to clogging, so Drain Doctor advises that when you pit is emptied you will have the pipes cleared with our high-pressure water jetting service to ensure free flow.

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