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When it comes to plumbing and drainage, accidents do happen, and sometimes you will need to get an insurance company involved. After a burst pipe or a flooded sewer affects your house, sometimes the last thing that you want to be concerned with is the paperwork surrounding making an insurance claim. This is where Drain Doctor come in.

We have staff that are trained and experienced in dealing with insurance claims relating to damage created by plumbing problems. Once you have signed a consent form, we are happy to speak to insurance brokers on your behalf and get the best deal for you. Once we have explained your situation, we can work to agree the best possible deal for your specific circumstances.

This method will ensure that all of the repairs that you undertake will be fully authorised in advance. As such, you will have no difficulty processing the claim once your plumbing and drainage problems have been solved.

Allow Drain Doctor to handle your insurance claim and save yourself the stress.

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