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When you’re using a sink and drainage system regularly, it is very easy for it to build up with fat, oil and grease, from your washing pots, and pans used at meal times. This can easily build up and cause blockages, as well as foul smells and slow-draining sinks, which can in extreme circumstances lead to potential prosecution from the Environmental Health department.

The installation of a Grease Trap dramatically reduces the amount of grease entering the drainage system. This will help to ensure that you don’t need emergency plumbing. Essentially a grease trap is a box that sits between the sink in the kitchen and the outside drains, trapping grease before it has the opportunity to reach your drains.

Grease Trap Installation from Drain Doctor Chester, Wirral and North Wales

It is required by current building regulations that all new and refurbished commercial kitchens have some form of grease management system working and in place. As such, Drain Doctor will supply and install a grease management system tailored to the needs of your property. When we install your grease trap, you can be sure that it will work to a high efficiency and be durable throughout its lifetime. All traps are mechanically sealed with an air-tight cover, helping to avoid spillages and odours.

We will also provide a regular servicing schedule to ensure that your grease management system continues to work at its full efficiency and helps you to avoid any extra cost. Get in touch for more details today.

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