Lee H & Rescued Cat

Drain Doctor Technician Saves the Day (and a Cat)

We all know how important our pets are to the family, and more than a few of us spoil them absolutely rotten. We’ll do anything we can to protect our pets and keep them from harm.

As we displayed with our recent blog about animal rescues from drains, our pets have the tendency to occasionally do something very silly, and find themselves stuck in some difficult positions. One such example was when one of our technicians encountered a cat stuck under the floor boards.

The Rescue

Engineer Lee Hampshire had to respond to a call from an upset Mum and her kids. Their rescue Bengal cat Cheeta had managed to get himself stuck under the floor boards of their home. Luckily for Cheeta, Lee had his camera with him, normally used for CCTV inspections of blocked drains and was able to locate the stuck cat underneath the floor boards.

After finding Cheeta, Lee was able to remove some floor boards and rescue the cat for the second time in his life and return him to his very happy family.

Owner Elizabeth Levy said, “We were delighted that our little cat was returned safely to us. It was lucky that Lee was able to respond to us so quickly, and he did a great job of keeping Cheeta calm and relaxed while he rescued him.”

No one likes to see their pets in peril, but when we are able to help them in their time of need, it is a really pleasant experience.

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