North Wales flooding

The Uncounted Cost of Storm Desmond

What a terrible few weeks it’s been weather-wise in Chester and North Wales!

Storm Desmond seems to have finally loosened its grip on the region, but the severe disruption caused by strong winds and flooding is still very evident. In fact, the Met Office has issued a series of flood alerts and warnings across Wales after more heavy rain this week.

Ugh, when will it end?

The obvious impact of this extreme weather is the damage to property and infrastructure, rail service disruption, power cuts and vehicle strandings, but there are equally unpleasant things going on below ground.

Winter Drainage Issues

Unfortunately, flood waters carry all manner of debris and detritus (resulting from the strong winds), which inevitably finds its way into commercial and domestic drainage systems. And there it lurks. Waiting for the water to recede.

As the flooding abates, feelings of euphoria are soon replaced by dread as it becomes clear something isn’t quite right in your sewer. Chances are it’s a blockage of some kind, but harsh winter conditions can also cause pipes to freeze, crack, burst and leak. It’s the last thing you need when the in-laws are on their way over for Christmas dinner!

Is there a way to pre-empt the problem, we hear you ask?

CCTV Drain Surveys

The most cost effective, hassle-free method of inspecting your drain is by carrying out a CCTV drain survey.

Rather than digging up the ground outside your property, we’ll put a CCTV camera into your drain and view the live footage to quickly identify any issues. All of our vans carry specialist CCTV equipment.

After carrying out a survey, our expert technicians will produce a detailed report diagnosing any faults and prescribing a course of action to remedy the situation. You even get to keep a copy of the video footage!

To book your CCTV survey, get in contact with CNW Drain Doctor today. We’re also on hand for assistance with insurance claims and emergency plumbing over the festive period.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

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