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  • CCTV Drain Surveys
  • CCTV Drain Surveys
  • CCTV Drain Surveys

What is a CCTV drain survey?

Drain Doctor CCTV drain surveys are an effective way of checking the inside of drainage systems without the need to dig them up, and cause disruption to homes and workplaces.

Drain Doctor complete these surveys by putting a CCTV camera into local drainage systems to help locate blockages, leaks and other issues that may be causing problems, and cannot be seen above ground. Drain Doctor’s experienced technicians can then view footage live and identify actions that need to be taken to fix the problems.

CCTV surveys are the most cost effective method of locating problems with drains and finding the solution to make the drain repair. Problems generally arise from issues such as roots in drains, the build up of grease on drain walls as well as blockages, building work damage or ground movement.

All of our vans carry specialist CCTV equipment, so there is no need to dig up pipes and cause more disruption to your home or place of work. After carrying out a survey, we can produce a detailed report regarding the condition of the drain in question and troubleshoot accordingly. All of our survey reports include a CD Rom of the footage taken from the recording of the drain, with recommendations and a quotation for work.

To book your CCTV survey, get in contact with Drain Doctor today.

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