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Sometimes, clearing drains requires high pressure jetting of your drainage system. The method consists of pumping a large amount of water at high pressure from a long hose. The pressure is forward and rearward directed, with water jets hitting encrustations and troublesome blockages stuck in drains at speeds of over 3000psi.

High pressure water jetting machines with specialist drain jetting nozzles provide an effective method of clearing drains, and can reduce the need for emergency plumbing.

Hydro-scrubs can also be used as required, restoring old drain lines to a condition, close to new. Water is moved through very small openings in nozzles to remove grease and limescale. This method cleans far deeper than any other conventional methods, and can increase the longevity of your drains walls and flooring.

Our engineer’s vans are equipped with the high pressure jetting equipment needed to complete any job, and ensure a quick response to any blocked drain that you might have. We also have larger units for more difficult jobs, which are able to pump water at 4000psi, powerful enough to cure any blockage.

Drain Doctor’s high pressure jetting service is ideal for clearing drains, pipes and sewers. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced and ready to assist with blockages of any manner. Get in contact today.

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