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Drain Doctor is the local specialist in unblocking blocked drains, drain repair, and clearing drains of any obstructions that may occur.

We have advanced clearing technology that is infinitely more effective than methods employed by homeowners and business owners who choose to attempt to clear drains themselves without the assistance of professional.

Our skilled engineers oversee the use of such advanced technology to ensure that it works to its most efficient. As such, we can ensure that the best, most efficient and cost effective treatment for your drainage problems.

All of our drain clearance techniques are highly sophisticated and tailored to meet the needs of local homeowners and businesses, whilst causing minimal disruption. Rotary Mechanical Drain Clearing de-scales corroded cast iron drains and stack pipes, helping to clear your blocked drains. It is also an extremely efficient method of removing tree roots and other hard to remove obstructions in drains. More mobile obstructions are also removed by our high pressure water jetting service.

After clearing obstructions from drains, we will often inspect them more thoroughly with the use of a CCTV camera, ensuring that it is clear and there are no further faults to cause problems or obstructions with the drainage system.

At Drain Doctor, we always ensure that we move dynamically with changes to drain clearance technology. This way, we can guarantee that we always provide the best drainage service available throughout North Wales, Chester and the Wirral.

So, if you need your blocked drains sorting out, Drain Doctor is on hand to help, give us a call today!

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