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Septic Tank Legislation – A Guide to the Changes

New septic tank legislation introduced on 1 January 2015 means thousands of households across the UK must upgrade or replace their septic tank treatment systems by 1 January 2020 or face a hefty fine. If you plan to sell your house before that date, you will have to ensure your septic tank meets the new…

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Essential Plumbing Tools for Homeowners

There are a good many plumbing jobs that should be left to the professionals, but there are also some you can have a go at yourself without risking lasting damage or flooding your home. But what tools do you need to get the job done? These are the essential plumbing tools every self-respecting homeowner should…

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Heatwaves & Hoses – Saving Water in the Summer

Has anyone else noticed that it just doesn’t seem to rain that much anymore? I mean, it’s North Wales, not the Sahara, so we still get the occasional shower, but where is that non-stop rain that used to hammer down for weeks on end? The relatively dry weather we have had so far this year…

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Spring Drainage Issues

The weather might be getting better, albeit rather slowly, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear when it comes to drainage problems. Although winter might be the toughest test for your drains, the spring brings its own range of unique challenges you need to prepare for. That makes the spring an excellent time to…

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Drain clearance

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