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The Growing Importance of Rainwater Soakaways

The government has announced a review of law and policy on new homes in response to an amendment to the Housing & Planning Bill. The review will address the issue of mains drainage in new homes, with the discussion set to focus on whether the installation of rainwater soakaways should become obligatory. Attempts to Reduce…

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Merry Christmas from Drain Doctor!

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year from the entire Drain Doctor team! We’ve had a great year working with clients across Central England and North Wales, taking care of everything from CCTV drain surveys and rainwater harvesting system, to blocked drains and plumbing emergencies. After all that hard work, we can’t wait to…

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How to Recover Something Dropped Down the Drain

Uh oh! You’ve dropped a crucial item down the drain. If you’re looking through the grate at your marooned keys, wallet or wedding ring right now, chances are you’re feeling pretty helpless. From persuading your small-handed friend to try to squeeze their arm through the gap to retrieve your essentials (we do not recommend this,…

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Septic Tanks vs Treatment Plants: What You Need to Know

For properties and premises which are not connected to the mains, the only way to efficiently remove and deal with sewage over the long term is to install your own system. Both septic tanks and treatment plants are widely used for this purpose in the UK and overseas, but although they perform the same function,…

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The Importance of Grease Traps in Commercial Kitchens 

If you run a business, such as a restaurant or commercial kitchen, the importance of grease traps should not be underestimated. Fat, oil and grease can cause major problems to drains and sewers, and when disposed of down a kitchen sink, can cause blockages. These problems are obvious, but what many people don’t take into…

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