3 DIY Plumbing Tips to Save You Money

At Drain Doctor we always recommend that you use professionals for any plumbing or drainage problems that you have. Sometimes however, smaller problems occur and we understand that you may want to save some money, so we’re delighted to share 3 of our solid gold DIY plumbing tips, which will save you some serious money.

1. Cleaning Drains

Keeping drainpipes and drains clean and healthy really is half the battle in keeping your plumbing working smoothly, and sometimes it really doesn’t need to be expensive to clean these. Off-the-shelf drain cleaners can be seriously expensive, so we recommend a little DIY trick that we’ve learnt. Tip a cup of bicarbonate of soda down the afflicted drain, followed closely by a kettle of boiling water. If you repeat this monthly, it will keep your drains spic and span.

2. Don’t Let Taps Drip…and Drip…and Drip

Your water bill will soon add up if you leave taps to drip overnight, so its always wise to fix a dripping tap before it begins to take its toll. This can be mostly solved by changing the tap’s washer. This little guide should help. If though, you’re not confident doing this, don’t worry, give Drain Doctor a call.

3. No More Limescale

By looking after your taps in the first place, you can drastically reduce the amount of drips or leakages that may occur. Limescale is your main problem, which can be fixed using a simple solution of one part white vinegar and 1 part water. This formula works extraordinarily well on limescaley taps.

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